Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hey Bloggers, here's a sketch i did of Valora, the elven cleric I'm playing in our weekly Dungeons & Dragons 4e campaign.  At the moment, I'm playing her as an icy, level-headed priestess / warrior that has the stature of command, deeply religious, but at the same time doesn't mince words and VERY deadly with her mace.
Valora, the elven cleric
As many of you know, I usually get together with a few guys here once a week after work for a weekly boardgame/RPG night and I have to say, its a great way to get together, throw ideas around, have some laughs and just let off some creative steam over a few beers.

This past week saw our characters going into a cavern where we encountered a band of goblins (one of which Valora killed with her trusty Mace for 12 hit points).  Our party also ran into a few gigantic rats which we easily disposed of and a Dragon that sent us on a mission to kill a certain mysterious fellow within the dark caverns (more on this next week)!

One of the more challenging battles happened when we walked into a room looking for the mysterious stranger only to happen upon a room full of these living statues that we had to fight on a chess-patterned floor.  If you moved onto the wrong square ,  ZAP! you'd get an electric shock and have to take 5hp worth of damage.    The battle was drawn out but we were able to defeat everyone in the room, partially thanks to Valora's healing ability.

After realizing late last week that Valora needed a long range weapon, I was finally able to pick up a bow and arrow from one of the dead goblins in this session.  I was pretty thankful for that since I usually love playing long-range rogues and Valora's HP are not really suited to close quarters combat for too long anyway.
I always pictured Valora being played by Tilda Swinton. She looks like she could kick some ass, huh?!
Even though the first few sessions saw a few players ragging on the 4th edition rules, and World Of Warcraft comparisons being slung around mockingly, I'm really impressed with the new D&D redbox adventure so far.  With a great GM like Everett,  it does its job of throwing you right into a fun adventure that ramps up slowly but with enough excitement to make you want to continue on.  It's a great way to introduce D&D to the uninitiated yet stay true to what made it popular in the first place.  Can't ask for more than that, right?

Anyway, stay tuned for more updates soon!  Happy Gaming everyone!

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  1. Thats the most geeky/amazing things I've read in some months! Hanging out with friends after a week in Pixar sounds awesome!
    I'll really try to improve my skills (and create them too) to get some new level!
    Thanks for sharing experiences!