Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pixar game night 1/2/11: GammaWorld!

Hey Geekshelfers!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday break.  2011 has started off with a (nuclear) bang here at Pixar as the Dandies break out the latest D&D re-release of "Gammaworld".  

We were going to play Descent but we had one too many players.   Luckily, Everett had an adventure ready so we promptly rolled up some characters and got the adventure going!
Everett helps everyone roll up their characters!
The basic premise was that our characters were junk collectors for Al's Premium Salvage Emporium.   
The first game of the year:  D&D Gammaworld!

The Dandies roll out the new LED D20!
It always helps with creativity when you draw your characters and the situations they encounter during the game:
Dr. Ploeb and Grimm
For a better look at the cast of characters, follow Austin's LINK HERE.
...a beautiful friendship
Anyway, the beginning of the game saw the group casually hanging out at Sally's local bar when a robot ranting about "The Iron King" appeared and caused some havoc with a rocket! 
Austin, Ross, and Yvie
Al sends the team to investigate and after travelling for some time, they discover an area guarded by nomadic Porkers and Badders!
Our intrepid scrap collectors journey into danger!
After killing two Porkers, the group was led into the hideout where they encountered a menacing Lion-Bat creature!  Who knows what other foul monsters await?!
Lion-Bat.  Only in GammaWorld, folks!
Towards the end of the night, Emma joined in and proceeded to roll up a character which turned out to be a pyrotechnic mutant!
Story artist extraordinaire Emma Coats joins in...

....Emma rolled up a pyrotechnic mutant!  How fitting:)
All in all, Gammaworld was a great start to our weekly gaming night and a wonderful way to kick off the New Year!

Stay tuned for further adventures!

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  1. Wicked fun! Looks like you all had an awesomely pyrotechnic, Bat-lion smashing great time!

    I love your blog, love it! It's so amazing to read and see pics of what goes on in Pixar lives. One of these days, oh yes, I'll work at Pixar. Graduate, apply...apply...apply...apply till I get the job. Mwaa haa haa, even if it's through sheer annoyance at having so many of my applications. Lol!

    Thanks so much for this blog. Much respect and fan-ism to all of you!

    I wish you all the most amazing, productive, creative, fun, wicked awesome 2011!!

    All the Best,

    ~Karla Sawyer