Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Superbowl Boardgame night!

Hey Geekshelfers!  Here are some pictures of a few boardgames that were played this past weekend during Everett's Superbowl party.  I'm not a big sports fan myslef but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to hang out with some good friends, eat plenty of food and of course, play boardgames!

First up was Dixit! 
real men play boardgames with bunnies on them!
Dixit is a card game where each player has a hand of 7 cards and on their turn they can say a word, phrase, or description about ONE of their cards and lay it face down on the table.  The cards are then shuffled and laid face up with people voting on which card they think that player had!

Now, you don't want to be too obvious because if EVERYONE votes for your card, you get NO points.  You don't want to be too vague either because if NOBODY votes for your card, then you get no points as well. 

Take this example....What card to you best describes the word, "ISOLATION" ?  All of these cards are really great choices and that's what makes the game so DAMN FUN! 
The game has plenty of great artwork and it really forces you to use your imagination and creativity to come up with a phrase or description to get just the right amount of votes! Plus, it works great as a party game!

One of  my favorite cards is this one below because it looks like Woody from Toy Story riding on Nemo.   If you got this card, how would you describe it?
the Pixar card

After Dixit, we broke out Formula D for a bit of racing fun.  You may remember that I got this game for myself this past Christmas.  I've been waiting to get this one played with a big group and this weekend, I finally got my chance!

In Formula D, each player has a car that they race around a track using different colored dice, depending on what gear they're in.  Here's what it looks like at the beginning of the race:
Gentlemen, start your engines!
The tricky thing with racing in Formula D is navigating the corners.  The board tells you how many times you MUST end your turn on a corner or your car will end up getting body damage.  Too much damage and you're out of the race!
the racers jockey for position!
The game was pretty tense by last lap with Austin (white), Jtop (blue) and Ross (red) all jockeying for position, as seen below:
final turn of lap 2
The three racers come in to the home stretch with Austin taking the win!
finish line ahead!
I also highly recommend Formula D.  With the right crowd, it can get SUPER competitive and still remain fun.  Plus, who doesn't like to roll dice?!?!

Click HERE for more information on Dixit.

And, HERE for more information on Formula D.

Happy gaming, people!

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