Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend boardgame Sat Oct 2 2011: Tomb Cryptmaster

Dungeon crawl fans unite!  So last night, Joy and I played an awesome game of  Tomb: Cryptmaster.   
 The players start at the Inn where they can recruit characters, heal up, and draw spells, prayers or items.
character minis taken from Defenders of the Realm :D
 The board is seeded with tomb cards which hold treasures, traps, curses and monsters!
What perils lurk inside the TOMB!?!
 My intrepid band of heroes!
brave adventurers!
 ...ready to face the perils of the crypt!!!
 The game ends when all the tombs are cleared from the board.  The players then add up all the experience points from treasures collected, monsters killed, and traps disarmed.
For fans of dungeon crawl-type games, you really can't go wrong with Tomb.  The amount of cards and heroes available ensures that you'll be playing the game for quite some time without it feeling repetitive.

Plus, there's nothing like the feeling of hacking your way through room after room of monsters and collecting treasure.  Grab some beer and pretzels, invite some close friends and gear up for adventure!

Happy gaming guys!

For more information on Tomb: Cryptmaster, visit the AEG website!

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  1. I really like the way you break down the games. It helps me learn games I may never see.