Sunday, October 3, 2010

Carson City

Hey bloggers! So last night, Joy and I had a lovely romantic evening of playing Carson City. Oh who am I kidding. As soon as I set up the game and explained all the rules to her, she quickly took to it and proceeded to kick my ass five ways to sunday.
Simply put, Carson City is about buying up the best property, locking out the other players from doing so and earning WADS of cash to buy victory points. I should have known that all these mechanics are hard wired into women's brains. It's in their genetics. They dont even have to do too much thinking to make the optimal moves.
Now I consider myself a relatively smart fella. But playing with my wife just simply reduced me to a walking mess of bumbling idiocy. It's like one of those recurring nightmares when you dream you're in front of a bunch of people naked. The utter shame and humiliation was truly laughable.
As you can see below, Joy played green and had racked up a sizable amount of mines, banks, saloons and drugstores. My biggest money makers were a few ranches and a mine but in the end, she ended up with tons of cash with which to buy victory points.
Even the Lucky Monkey token didn't help my cause:) Anyway, as for the game itself, it truly is fun even if you lose. I have to play it more to really make a better judgement but it really seems like there are many ways to score victory points which are great. And getting cash from your buildings feels very satisfying at the end of the round.
Even when you are getting your ass kicked:)

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1 comment:

  1. What's the lucky monkey for? A wacky and fun house rule?

    I just wish my wife would play Carson City with me. It's been a hard task to get her to go beyond the Ticket to Ride frenzy (which I can't really complain about as it's still one of my favorite ones).

    Nice blog, dude! Keep it up.

    Cheers from Brazil