Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pixar game night 12/13/10 : Cosmic Encounter Again!

Hey Geekshelf-ers!  Welcome back to the latest write-up of our weekly Pixar game night!  Last week's game of Cosmic Encounter was a total riot (read about that HERE) so we all decided to bring it out again for our last game before Christmas break!
The cosmos float above Paul:)

Ok, so before we start, let's look at who was playing which aliens:  Yours truly had "Grudge", Erick played "Mirror", Matt played "Anti-Matter".....
The players:  Me, Erick, Matt
Matt and Erick before the game begins!
The other players:  Austin played "Mercenary", Everett:  "Human", Paul was "Magician"!
The players:  Austin, Everett, and Paul
For those familiar with the game, you can see that it was a great mix of powers  that created a truly great game dynamic!

So as the game got underway, the powers were slowly revealed...Grudge was one of the most annoying aliens in the game since it caused players that didnt help me out to lose 4 ships:)  Yeah, I was a big crybaby during the game...
The celestial calm before the storm!
The game quickly turned nasty though when Erick revealed his power as The Mirror.  He can basically turn an encounter card (seen below) and flip it to an insane amount.  That 08 attack card?  It's now an 80.  Yeah.  FUCK...
As you can see, because of this, a TON of ships ended up in the warp!
Luckily, Austin busted out the Mobius Tubes and freed the rest of the ships from the warp...
Austin frees the ships from the warp....
This was the situation towards the end of the night...  Matt and Everett try to share a win by invading Austin's colony but we successfully hold them off and survive to fight another day!
Attack on Austin's planet is foiled!
Another few turns and this is what the situation looked like...  Just look at that...A true nail-biter! 
YIKES!  Which color will be picked from the destiny deck?!!
"So what happened!?"you ask?

Well, Erick's color was drawn from the destiny deck and everyone decided to gang up against him and share a victory!  We sent in an overwhelming amount of ships and even his Mirror ability was'nt able to help!

It was another nail-biter to the end and an amazing end-of-the-year wrap up to our weekly game night!

Special thanks to Everett Downing for taking these photos!

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