Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kubla Con!!

Hey Geekshelfers!  So this weekend, me and a bunch of coworkers went down to Kubla Con, a yearly gaming convention held in Burlingame, CA.  We got there a little before 11 am and spent the whole day playing games and just absolutely geeking out!  

I took a TON of photos so I thought I'd share!  As usual, click on the photos to see them in their full-res glory!  ENJOY!
Austin, Everett and Paul get their geek on!
 Her'es a picture of the Pixar gang shortly after we arrived!   A day of geekdom ensued!
Austin finds any excuse to wear his kilt
 We found Jtop and Josh Qualtieri already set up with their "Quar" products.
At the ZombieSmith booth
 You know it'll be a great day when you're surrounded by boardgames.

 Paul and Ev quickly scan the Pathfinder RPG section.
Paul and Everett browse the Pathfinder section
 Before too long, Jtop and Austin begin to set up "Camp Grizzly", a game they've been working on for quite some time now.  The game is due out next summer and it's an absolute riot!  I'll be posting more details on the game here as it gets closer to release!
Setting up "Camp Grizzly"!

Jtop sets up "Camp Grizzly"
 The premise of "Camp Grizzly" is that each player controls a camp counselor who tries to fight and escape from a maniacal killer named Otis.  It's a co-op horror themed boardgame with cards, and dice.  What more could you ask for in a game!?!?!
Ready to play!
 I ended up choosing to play Sherry, the virginal counselor.
My character: Sherry the virgin!
 It was a tight, tense game, but by the end, we all ended up dying except for Paul!
It's more fun when (almost) everyone dies!!
 After "Camp Grizzly", we walk around the showroom where other boardgames were being played.  One of the best set-ups was this "Shadows Over Camelot" display:
Shadows Over Camelot in 3D.  EPIC.

a view of the knights of the round table for "Shadows Over Camelot".
 ...And yet another was this GIANT "Ticket to Ride" game that was in progress.  Those trains are HUGE!!
Extra LARGE version of "Ticket to Ride".

Yes it is!
 After lunch, we stopped to check in on Dovi who was running a Star Wars role playing game.
Dovi runs his Star Wars RPG using the FATE system.
 We then went back downstairs to do some more shopping!
A view of the convention floor.
Shopping for boardgames...
 Geek Chic had their line of beautiful game tables on display.  I'd love to have one of these someday!
One day, I WILL have this game table.
 You can't have a game convention without dice!
You can NEVER have enough dice.

Shopping for dice.
 Before the day ended, we all decided to play a game of "Quar", a squad based miniature game created by Pixar's very own Josh Qualtieri and Sequoia Blankenship.
Setting up for a game of "Quar"
 The game has some beautiful minis which you can buy through Zombiesmith.
beautiful "Quar" minis.
 The game was pretty close but ultimately, Ev and Austin won!
"Quar" tank on display.
 After the game, we decided to wander around a bit more before leaving:
More dice!
Got attacked by the ZombieSmith baby!!!
Austin gets attacked too.
Run, baby, RUNNN!  
 Our loot:  Paul with "Wrath of Ashardalon", Ev with a "Pathfinder" book, and me with the new "Lord of the Rings" cardgame from Fantasy Flight Games!
Showing off our loot at the end of the day!

Paul, Everett and I with our games! 
All in all, the day was an absolute blast.  If you're even remotely interested in hobby gaming, you owe it to yourself to check it out next year.  I know that WE'RE definitely going back!

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  1. Man Im so jealous! I wish there was something like this in UT, where I'm from! Looked like so much fun!! Did you see Quarriors or Ninjato? I am hoping to purchase both of those in the coming month!! Great post! Really enjoy this blog very much!! :)