Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pixar Game Night 5/4/11: Battles of Westeros!!

Hey Geekshelfers!  Just wanted to post some pics of last week's game night at Pixar.  The latest game was Battles of Westeros!  Tim and I (Lannisters) played against Matt Webb (as the Starks).

The game was pretty one sided in the beginning with Matt seemingly unable to roll very well and losing objectives.
Starks vs. Lannister!

the battle begins!

House Lannister
 Two thirds of the way through, his hounds ended up killing Marbrand which left most of our army pretty weak and unable to be commanded.

Marbrand gets attacked by the hounds!
Ultimately, the Starks swept past our right-most flank and took several objectives in the south, giving them the win.  The game shifted back and forth pretty often which made it pretty exciting.

For more information on Battles of Westeros, please visit:  

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